Extend the Life of Your Fur with Proper Storage

After a long winter of consistent use, your fur coat needs a break. Fortunately for your fur, our storage vaults are designed to perfectly store your furs safely. Avoid the unsafe and confined parameters of a plastic, rubber-lined or cloth bag for the summer which can cause damage to the hairs and body of your fur!

According to the Fur Council of Canada, professional fur storage during the summer months is the most important component for maximizing the longevity of your fur. Keeping your garments at home during the summer months could be a costly mistake. Both standard and cedar closets are not suitable for fur storage unless they are equipped with proper air circulation and maintain a constant 50 degree temperature and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture.

State-of-the-Art Fur Storage

Prevent unnecessary deterioration or moth damage by storing and conditioning your garments every spring with Herman Sellers Gough Furs. Protect your valuables from heat, humidity and insects by storing them in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities. Our vaults are also protected by the best in certified security systems with 24-hour monitoring. All furs are tracked and controlled with our specially developed customer service database.

Our master furriers and support staff are always on hand to manage all aspects of your fur’s care and handling.

We also offer free pick-up and delivery as part of our services. You may also drop off your garments at our store.

Visit or call our specialists today for more information about fur storing your furs.

Ten Easy Fur Care Tips to Prolong the Life & Beauty of Your Fur

  • Always hang your fur garment on a broad shouldered hanger. Give the coat room in the closet so it is not crushed.
  • Never store fur in a plastic bag.
  • Never leave a fur near heat.
  • If a fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it up to dry away from heat and where it will have air circulation.
  • Avoid putting perfume or pinning anything to your fur.
  • Never use mothballs or cedar chips.
  • Store your fur during the spring and summer seasons. Our modern storage facility has proper temperature and humidity controls.
  • Have furs cleaned regularly by our own ultimate fur cleaning process (not by a dry cleaner).
  • Have any small rips or tears repaired immediately by our staff.
  • Avoid leaving a fur hanging in direct light; it can cause discolouring of the fur.
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