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Herman Sellers Gough Furs has been Toronto’s full service furrier since 1880. We not only sell and repair furs in Toronto, we manufacture and shop globally for the finest furs featuring the latest fashions and designs. When it comes to furs, our staff is the most knowledgeable team in Canada.

You will enjoy browsing our impressive inventory and benefit from a range of services including climate-controlled storage, cleaning, repairs and complete restyling. Whether you are looking for the finest fur coats in the GTA, shearling garments, cashmere, leather or fashion accessories, you can find them at Herman Sellers Gough Furs.

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Service Area: Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

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*Offering Summer Fur Storage*

To protect your fur garments throughout the hot and humid summer months, please make the proper storage arrangements with us. Learn more about our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities!

Shop From the Best Furrier Toronto

Furs have been in trend forever! The demand for fur clothing and accessories is high owing to the luxury fashion appeal that comes with it. Buying and wearing fur has moved past the styling phase, it now falls under the classic and essential apparel category. This has led to the rise of many fur stores Toronto. As one of the oldest furrier Toronto, we maintain a wide range of latest, designer, and classic fur collections.

In recent years, faux fur has emerged as an alternative to original fur but it stands nowhere close to it. People don’t acknowledge the amount of pollution generated in the process of making fake fur. By choosing to wear original fur, one can significantly reduce textile industry waste at length. The multiple benefits of the fur material have made it a popular choice for designers and fashion influencers. While you may come across many fur shops Toronto, it is important that you choose the perfect fur retailers. At HSG Fur, you can rest assured of quality, service, and value.

Full-Service Furrier Toronto: What to expect

Right from designer trendy fur merchandise to fur storage Toronto, we have it all! There are various misconceptions that surround the fur industry and we aim to bust those myths for our clients. We make your visit to our fur stores Toronto a friendly and learning experience. If you love wearing fur clothing and accessories, ours is the best fur shops Toronto. Here’s a wide range of products and services you can get at HSG Furs:

Fur Apparel & Accessories: We have in-house modern fur vaults and factories that are handled by expert furriers Toronto. The production is managed by fine craftsmen which guarantee premium quality products.

Furrier Storage: Fur Storage Toronto is a necessity to retain the softness and quality of the clothing. Furs can last longer if maintained properly. Unlike most fur stores Toronto, our storage vaults are well-equipped with climate-controlled facilities.

Cleaning & Repairs: Hygiene is a vital aspect in terms of fur clothing and accessories. Therefore, we offer all-inclusive cleaning and repair services. Get your fur items cleaned and repaired by the best furrier Toronto.

Restyling & Monogramming: Since furs are expensive clothing material, it just doesn’t seem right to dump them frequently. We understand that and therefore offer restyling services to keep you updated with the latest styling trends. Right from shearing and knitting to monogramming, we do it all! Get your furs recreated by a master furrier Toronto.

What makes HSG’s Fur Stores Toronto special?

Apart from being a timeless fashion trend, fur clothing and accessories is a comfortable option for a cold and breezy climate. Warmth and comfort are two essential factors that make for ideal winter clothing. Most people expect their fur coats and jackets to keep them warm without feeling much heavy. Whether your purpose is styling, warmth, or durability, we have suitable fur materials for each. Our top-quality fur and advanced furrier storage Toronto will increase the longevity and shine of your fur coats, jackets, and other items.

We have fur garments and accessories for all i.e. both men and women. Being one of the best fur stores Toronto, we run a full-scale fur business and assist customers in buying and taking care of their fur belongings. Our primary intention is to provide an easy and convenient shopping experience for our clients while educating them on various relevant topics. Unlike other fur shops Toronto, our purpose is not just restricted to business sales and profits. We help clients in choosing the ideal fur items they’ve been looking for at the best market prices.

You will enjoy browsing our impressive inventory and benefit from a range of services including climate-controlled storage, cleaning, repairs, and complete restyling. Whether you are looking for the finest fur coats in the GTAshearling garments, cashmere, leather, or fashion accessories, you can find them at Herman Sellers Gough Furs.

Visit us today to experience the difference.

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